How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Lawn Mower?

When it comes to maintaining a beautiful and well-manicured lawn, having the right tools will make all the difference. For numerous homeowners, one question often arises: “How much will it cost to rent a lawn mower?”

This can be a cost-effective solution, particularly if you don’t have the need or want the extra expense of purchasing one.

Renting a lawnmower starts at $28 per day, $315 weekly up to $500 monthly. This will depend on how long the lawnmower will be needed and the type of lawnmower required for the job. You can even rent a lawnmower for as little as 4 hours costing you only $20.

For you to make an educated decision whether to rent or buy a lawnmower, let’s explore the costs related to renting a lawnmower, the most affordable types of rent, and the benefits of choosing this option.

Factors Affecting Lawn Mower Rental Costs

The cost of renting a lawn mower can vary depending on several factors:


Lawn mower rental costs can differ relatively based on your geographical location. Urban areas often have higher rental prices than rural regions. Therefore, it’s crucial to check local rental rates in your area.

Mower Type

Different mower types will come with different rental rates. Let’s take a look at the most general options used by homeowners.

The Most Affordable Lawn Mower Types to Rent

Push Mowers

Push mowers are among the most affordable options to rent. They are ideal for small to medium-sized lawns. These mowers require physical effort to operate, making them a budget-friendly choice.

Electric Mowers

Electric mowers are easy to use and environmentally friendly. While they may cost a bit more to rent than push mowers, they are still a cost-effective option for maintaining your lawn.

Gas-Powered Mowers

Gas-powered mowers have a reputation for their power and speed. They are suitable for larger lawns but might have a higher rental cost due to the fuel necessity. Consider your lawn’s size when choosing this option.

Rent or Purchase: Which is More Economical?

The decision to rent or purchase a lawn mower depends on your specific needs. If you have a small lawn and only need to mow it seldom, renting is often the more economical choice. 

However, if you have a large lawn and plan to mow it often, investing in your mower may be cost-effective in the long run.

What’s the most budget-friendly lawn mower type to rent?

When it comes to renting a lawn mower and seeking a budget-friendly option, push mowers often stand out as the most cost-effective choice, especially for small lawns. Here’s why:

Affordability: Push mowers are generally less expensive to rent compared to other types of lawnmowers. They are straightforward in design, with no complex engine systems or additional features that can drive up the rental cost.

Simplicity: Push mowers are easy to operate and require minimal maintenance. They have a simple manual push mechanism that drives the blades, making them suitable for those who prefer a simple mowing experience.

There are no fuel costs or electrical components to worry about, which further contributes to their affordability.

Ideal for Small Lawns: Push mowers are most suitable for small to medium-sized lawns. If you have a compact yard, you don’t need the power and features of larger, more expensive mowers.

The basic functionality of push mowers is often more than sufficient for maintaining the grass in smaller areas.

Environmental Benefits: Push mowers are eco-friendly because they don’t rely on fuel or electricity. They produce zero emissions, which is not only good for the environment but can also save you money on fuel or electricity costs.

Low Maintenance: These mowers have fewer parts and components that can break down, reducing the need for maintenance and repair. This means lower costs for both the rental company and the customer.

Ease of Transport: Push mowers are lightweight and easy to transport. You can easily load them into a car or a small trailer, removing the need for a larger vehicle to transport the equipment.

Cost-Effective for Occasional Use: If you only need to mow your lawn seldom or have a small yard that doesn’t require frequent maintenance, a push mower is a highly cost-effective solution.

You can rent it for the day or weekend, complete your mowing tasks, and return it without a significant financial investment.

Companies That You Can Rent From.

Here is a list of 5 companies to rent from:

  1. Home Depot: $28 per day to $560 monthly
  2. Lowe’s: $35per day to $455 monthly
  3. Aaron’s: $100 per day to $345 monthly, Some initial funds may be required
  4. United rentals: $100 per day to $ 315 weekly
  5. Sunbelt rentals: $150 per day to $370 weekly pricing according to zip code.

Are Rented Lawn Mowers Well-Maintained?

Yes, rental lawnmowers are typically well-maintained to ensure reliable performance. Rental companies understand the importance of providing equipment in good working condition to their customers, and this includes lawnmowers.

Here are a few reasons why rented lawnmowers are well-maintained:

Customer Satisfaction: Rental companies rely on positive customer experiences to maintain their reputation and attract repeat business.

To achieve this, they invest in the maintenance of their equipment, including lawnmowers, to ensure that customers receive machines that function properly and efficiently.

Regular Inspections: Rental companies have procedures in place to conduct regular inspections of their equipment. This includes checking for wear and tear, engine performance, blade condition, and safety features.

Any issues are addressed promptly to keep the mowers in optimal working condition.

Cleaning and Servicing: The rental company typically cleans and services the lawnmowers after each use. This includes cleaning the grass clippings and debris from the machine, changing the oil, sharpening the blades, and checking for any potential problems.

Regular servicing helps prevent breakdowns and ensures that the mower is ready for the next customer.

Safety Measures: Rental companies prioritize safety. They make sure that safety features like blade brakes and emergency shut-off switches are functional. This reduces the risk of accidents and injuries while using their equipment.

Extended Equipment Life: Well-maintained mowers have a longer lifespan, which is beneficial for the rental company’s bottom line.

As a result, the rental company can avoid frequent replacements of equipment, and they can offer reasonable rental rates to the customer as a cost-saving measure.

It’s important to note that while rental lawnmowers are well-maintained, customers should still perform a quick check before using them. This includes confirming that the blades are sharp, the engine starts easily, and all safety features are functional.

Customers should inform the rental company if they have any concerns or issues. This will allow the rental company to address the problem or offer a replacement mower.

Benefits of Renting a Lawn Mower

Renting a lawn mower offers several advantages:

  • Cost-Efficiency: You avoid the upfront cost of purchasing a mower and ongoing maintenance expenses.
  • Variety: You can choose different mower types based on your lawn’s needs.
  • Maintenance: Rental mowers are usually well-maintained, ensuring reliable performance.

Hiring a Landscaper vs. DIY Lawn Care

While renting a lawn mower is a cost-effective option, some homeowners prefer hiring a professional landscaper. The choice between the two depends on factors like your available time, budget, and your desire for a well-maintained lawn.

If you have the time and enjoy DIY lawn care, renting a mower is a great choice. However, if you prefer a hands-off approach, hiring a landscaper may be more suitable.


Renting a lawn mower can be a cost-effective solution, especially for those with smaller lawns and seldom mowing needs. The cost varies based on factors like location and mower type. Push mowers are often the most budget-friendly choice for small lawns.

Whether to rent or purchase a mower depends on your specific lawn care requirements. For small lawns that don’t need frequent maintenance, renting is often the more economical option.

In contrast, those with large lawns and regular mowing needs may find it cost-effective to invest in purchasing their mower.

Rental companies typically maintain their equipment well, ensuring that customers receive reliable machines. Regular inspections, cleaning, and safety checks contribute to this reliability.

Ultimately, the choice between DIY lawn care with a rented mower or hiring a landscaper depends on individual factors like time, budget, and desired lawn appearance. Renting a well-maintained mower provides flexibility and convenience for lawn maintenance.

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